Established in January of 2019 in memory of Avi Uziel A”H, LevAvi is an organization whose primary mission is to assist those in need with their semahot expenses.


Avi Uziel A”H was full of love and happiness, with family being his utmost priority and the center of his world. He was a friend to all, always looking to lend a helping hand in any way he could. Celebrating momentous occasions with family and friends was one of his greatest joys. For this reason, we felt it befitting to assist those in need with their semahot, specifically brit milot, bar misvot and weddings.

May we be zoche to celebrate joyous occasions together b’simha and b’nahat always, amen.

With the guidance and leadership of Rabbi David Mansour and Rabbi Joey Mizrahi, each case is researched and cared for individually with the utmost privacy and respect, ensuring each family in need meets a specific criteria to receive assistance. Applicant information will remain private and known only to the rabbinical advisory board. A simha in any family should be a time of joy, and our goal is to help alleviate some of the financial burden and stress that unfortunately comes along with planning any happy occasion.


Help Families

Let’s do what we can to help community families. The meaning of simha is joy, and too many people don’t get to enjoy their semahot because of the financial burden that comes with them.

Benefits of this initiative: 



Unity is what makes our community a special one. When we are united we make sure that nobody feels alone. Together, we can continue to be a pillar of ahavat hinam.



All of our applicants and donors remain private and are vetted by a community rabbi. 100% of funds raised are used for assistance.


Sharing the Burden

By sponsoring a simha, or contributing a small monthly amount we will not only be assisting but will be a part of each and every occasion!


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